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Our Purpose

Vision and Mission

Lex Community NG was launched in January 2020 to create a unique community for citizens education on issues of law, social justice, and human rights. It is also a community for lawyers to access information and opportunities that will aid their personal and professional development.

  • To create awareness and sensitize Nigerians on issues of law, social justice and human rights through news, articles, and trainings.
  • To provide trainings, workshops and online courses on law, human rights, and development.
  • To build a legal community that encourages personal and professional development of Lawyers in Nigeria.
  • To encourage and promote the need for continuing legal education in accordance with global best practices and in line with the Rules of the Institute of Continuing Legal Education.

Founder's Note

When I was called to the Nigerian Bar, I had no clue what path to follow in law practice. I only thought about finding a good firm with an attractive salary and work there until I could afford to start my own practice. It didn’t work out as I planned but the disappointment I felt for not being called for interviews made me realize that other than my L.LB and BL, I had nothing to offer those Law firms and Organizations. The legal industry was and is saturated with thousands of lawyers looking for the same opportunities I wanted. I decided that I needed to improve on my personal and professional skills thus I enrolled for a master’s degree, attended workshops, seminars, and conferences within and outside Nigeria. This afforded me the opportunity to network with seasoned legal professionals within and outside jurisdiction. These steps changed my life and perception about legal practice in Nigeria.

My experiences made me realize the need for continuous legal education, but I also found that there was an evident gulf between young professionals and access to information and opportunities that could help them grow personally and professionally. There is also the setback of financial constraints for young legal practitioners to acquire the necessary skills.

The knowledge I acquired has also helped my work in the civic space. My experience in the civic space made me realize that there is also the need to educate citizens on issues of law, human rights, and social justice.

I want to bridge the gap between young legal professionals and access to useful information, resources and opportunities in a market where professional development is increasingly important to employers. I also want to ensure that Nigerians know their rights and are better prepared to demand for a better future.

Thank you for joining Lex Community NG

Augusta Yaakugh

Augusta Yaakugh


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