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Afam Okeke Sets A New Bar For The Unity Bar

The crowd was overwhelming the massive hall of AClass Event Centre could not contain the mammoth crowd that turned out for the meeting! When was the last time the unity bar had an attendance of this magnitude! Such memories are ancient histories that only seem more imagined than ever real.

The meeting brought hope! It resuscitated comatose zeal! Even those that deferred to different branches aligned themselves either as escorts to one political aspirant or the other or they came to see for real if it’s true Afam Okeke is truly Chairman.

Perhaps it was as a result of the creation of two new branches by the National and everyone want to realign to the mother branch of Unity because we saw factional stalwarts scampering for seats as members while some stayed as a multitude at the back perhaps afraid they would be chased back to the prodigal odyssey but the Unity Bar will always welcome those who seek the warmth of her embrace as a unifying giant! The Unity Bar without grudge or malice opened her arms to embrace even the one that publicly told others that we would fail as the other faction was the valid one. He came claiming to be a giant yet prostrating for political support from the same house he disdained and threw under the bus. It is funny how during elections those who called you [email protected]#@ard swear you are born of the same father.

July 1st, 2022 will not be easily forgotten in the hearts of members of the unity Bar! Friends reunited! Fences mended and new promises made for tomorrow! Afam Okeke has barely started but already setting new bars! Perhaps it’s his height, maybe only towering giants should lead the Bar, Perhaps the aspiring giant for National will truly raise the bar above the shackles of money politics that have allegedly distracted the NBA over the years.

But beyond words, I must pray, the way God saw Dr. Princess Frank-Chukwuani through when she rose through the turbulence as leader of the Unity Bar, May He guide this exco to succeed in their stride. And as they seem to have set their heart on the Bar Centre, may they finish whatever they start with speed and finesse. To succeed truly, it is not just about Afam Okeke but all well-meaning members of the branch must join hands together that we must not ever again fail this branch. I salute special Mr. Ajuluchukwu Eze who despite being a contestant in the last election has aligned his support and contribution to lift the branch rather than sulk. AJ Fresh we truly see and appreciate you.

Special appreciation goes to the seniors and SANs that graced the meeting. It was truly a meeting of giants.

Some might say it is too early for accolades but we do not praise as sycophants, our accolades are well deserved not just to Afam and his exco but to all members and friends of the Unity Bar because it is only together we actually win.

July marks the second quarter of the year and July 1st, 2022 marked the first meeting, the inaugural meeting of the Afam Okeke-led executive of the Unity Bar and it was like the news was spread about with the old song; “go tell it on the mountain over the hills and everywhere” that Afam Okeke is finally the chairman of Unity bar.

Special appreciation also to those aspiring for National offices. Truly like Y.C said; it is not by might or power, but the winning side is always the shouting. We hope we will continue on the path of value and humility and not those who try to force their alleged glories on us but rather let their glory reveal them.

I wish I would have the time to analyze the presentations by each aspirant at the meeting but may the odds be for or against them and may the NBA grow stronger through it all.

For him who denied us like Peter now begging for support, I am not as forgiving as Christ but a good way to forgiveness is Confession and apology…

However, NBA is not personal it is national and together we want a greater bar because what we all want is a bar that will speak for us so that together we can stand as the voice of the voiceless for the downtrodden in our society.

Once again congratulations to the new Excos on your first meeting. May your ovation not go less than this.

Thank you
Jude Ifesemen
Poet known as Soji
Author of Streams of Passion

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