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Breaking: Police Arrests Human Rights Lawyer Defending Victim Of Domestic Violence

A middle-aged woman who gave her name simply as Mfon narrowly escaped death (today) in Lagos when she had a family scuffle with her husband.

She logged a complaint of domestic violence to a Non Governmental Organisation and she was accompanied to the nearest police station to make an official statement.

At the station, she was advised by the police to go home and pick some of her belongings.

On getting home her husband allegedly pulled out a knife to stab her, but fortunately, she ranaway abandoning all her belongings.

In an exclusive interview, the human rights lawyer Bar. Josephine Odikpo said the husband, when invited to the police station for reconciliation turned down the invitation.

She also added that another set of police officers from Area G police station and in complicity with the husband of the woman domestically violated arrested Bar. Josephine Ijekhuemen who is handling the case, the victim, and the driver she engaged to help her pick her belongings.

Bar. Josephine Ijekhuemen lamented that while at the Area G Command, she was emotionally and psychologically tortured by the officers, she tried identifying the officers but she was almost slapped.

She said that the police called her an irresponsible woman and treated her with contempt. She was prevented from moving, abused, accused, and shouted at constantly. She said she felt that if she had engaged with them they will physically abuse her as well. The officer threatened to make her stay overnight at the station.

Chiamaka Judith Alum
Author: Chiamaka Judith Alum

Good Governance and Human Right Advocate, Content Editor and Data Analyst

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