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It has been an ongoing insecurity issue in Minna, Niger State that has been left unattended to by the State Government

Late noon yesterday, 12th October 2021, Touts had a clash that made everyone scampered for safety.

It has been reported by our correspondent that Obasanjo complex in Minna, Niger Sate is the residential area of these Tout, the take 80% of the population there and they cause insecurity there.

Meanwhile, it has been reported by the Governor of Niger State that Boko Haram has taken Shiroro Local Government in Minna, Niger State. it is believed that they are gradually finding their way into the FCT Abuja, then to the southern part of Nigeria. This calls for a working and improved security system in Nigeria.

more information will be updated

Chiamaka Judith Alum
Author: Chiamaka Judith Alum

Good Governance and Human Right Advocate, Content Editor and Data Analyst

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