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Covid-19 Lockdown: Akpata Donates Five Million Naira To Lagos Lawyers

Mr Olumide Akpata has donated five million Naira to the Lagos Branch of the NBA as a means of ameliorating the untold hardship being experienced by some of its members in these trying times.

In a statement signed by Yemi Akangbe, FCIArb, Mr Akpata reached out to the EXCO whilst they were deliberating on how to provide immediate, practical support to members. He said, Mr. Olumide Akpata and his friends put together a welfare initiative which could be of assistance to members of the Branch and valuable to the EXCO in achieving some of the Branch’s welfare objectives for this period.

Mr. Akpata (together with some of his friend) negotiated with Shoprite for the packaging of foodstuff worth about N5,000 a pack inclusive of amount to be paid for the delivery of the packs to the doorstep of lawyers in Lagos State.

Mr Akpata’s welfare initiative extends to all the other Branches of the NBA in Lagos State, with the members of Lagos Branch as the first beneficiaries.

The statement also reads as follows;

“I understand that arrangements are in place for GoKada to handle the delivery aspect of the initiative.

In order to kickstart this initiative, Mr. Olumide Akpata and his friends have made an initial donation of N5,000,000 to cover the 1st 1000 packs of food to be distributed to lawyers in Lagos State who need this support. The food packs from Shoprite would contain the following items:

2 packs of spaghetti
Packaged Rice
Packaged Garri
2 Packs of Kaptain Packaged Stew
1 Bottle of Groundnut Oil
Corned Beef
Pack of Salt
Pack of Seasoning (Maggi)
Small size Hand Sanitizer

The EXCO of the Branch met (virtually), on Thursday, the 2nd of April, 2020 and resolved to accept the offer from Mr. Olumide Akpata and his friends and to take over the logistics arrangement that they have negotiated as far as delivery and supply to our members is concerned. We remaim grateful to him and his friends for their kind gesture to our colleagues in these trying times.

Going forward, therefore, the EXCO will take control of this initiative as far as our members are concerned and will have responsibility for liaising with members of the Branch who may need assistance at this time.

The EXCO, therefore, calls on members of the Branch that genuinely need this support to please send me an email (stating your names, phone number and delivery address ) to [email protected] ( the email of the Branch operated by the Secretary) and copy the Welfare Secretary on [email protected] In case you are not able to send an email, please send a text message to the Secretary at 08023970287, the Welfare Secretary on 0803 347 3388, the Social Secretary on 0803321 7760 and the Assistant Secretary on 0803 375 4299.

We consider any request for assistance to be a matter of utmost confidentiality and confirm that on no account will the information regarding any recipient be made public or disclosed to a third party.

In addition to the above, the EXCO has also resolved to set aside funds to provide palliatives in form of food support to members and will do so as soon as practicable. This intervention has become necesaary as we realise that Government cannot do it all, and there is a moral obligation on all at this period to rise up to the challenge that we are facing currently. The Exco believes in the slogan of “ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE”. Injury or any form of discomfort to a member, is to all.

Accordingly, we kindly use this oppourtunity to make a passionate plea to other well meaning members of the Branch to please support the Branch in assisting members at this time . Should you wish to support the Branch in this regard, kindly send an email to me on [email protected] or reach me on 0803 324 7080.

Donations would be made known to members of the Branch unless the donor chooses to remain anonymous .

I on behalf of the EXCO will provide weekly updates on progress to members as we move along and I will have personal charge and supervision of all welfare support to members at this time.”

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