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African Democracy and Leadership Amidst Covid19 (In Commemoration of Africa Day)


Hosted by Igweshi Augustine

From 3:00 pm (GMT +1)

At Zoom

Meeting ID: 6951185592

Password: Summit


On 25 May 1963, Africa made history with the foundation of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) the precursor to the African Union (AU). Africa have faced many challenges in the time past and present especially the covid19 pandemic, the covid19 which became a global pandemic on 12 March, 2020 as declared by WHO and the first case recorded in Africa on 14th February, 2020 in Egypt and since have spread to 53 countries of the Africa Union member states, we are overcoming the pandemic and other challenges facing Africa

The Theme of the Africa day which is stronger together reminds us that unity and togetherness is fundamental in shaping and achieving the Africa agenda 2063, the Africa we want

We draw our hope and aspirations which lies in our rich diversity, culture and heritage, the significant role of African democracy and leadership in forming a prosperous and economic development in the continent with a people driven governance and leadership can't be overemphasized.

Africa is the youngest continent in the world and have it young people very innovative and creative with latent potential and intellect to advance the prospect envisioned by the founding fathers of Africa

Africa will become the Epicenter of sustainable development, if we work towards making it a reality. Therefore we are reminding our leaders to reflect on the vision and goals of the founding fathers of Africa in the discharge of their leadership duties and ensure that citizens gain the dividends of democracy at all level also we draw aspirations that Africa we become a continent where everyone will have access to quality education, live in peace and harmony, Africa free from violence and Conflict also we urging our leaders to intensify efforts to transforming the system for economic growth and development with an informed technology and innovation

The webinar on African Democracy and leadership amidst covid19 pandemic, will draw focus discussion on African Democracy and leadership since 1963 and its present leadership Amidst Covid19 pandemic looking at the lens of time how Africa leaders have been able to navigate through various development.

The event is hosted by Hon. Igweshi Augustine the Deputy leader of Democracy Youth Parliament DAYP in partnership with CEPASDAFRICA which he is the Executive director/Int'l President, Notable Speakers includes, Ibrahim Farouk the Program Manager of YIAGIA Africa, Rt. Hon. Graham Elendu Speaker DAYP, Monday Tama continental President Great Mine Empire and Reatlegit Phiri South Africa YALI RLC Alumni and Hikimatu Abdulahi, Member UN Upper Parliament in Ghana.

The webinar event will draw participants across Africa to ask questions, make comments and contributions after which the report will be sent to African Union. The event is also to commemorate Africa day celebration which was held on 25th May, 2020

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