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The outbreak of Covid-19 has caused tremendous disruptions across all industries in Nigeria, leaving businesses and individuals uncertain of the future. People need help with reneged or about to be broken contracts, leases, loans, mortgages, lapsed or pending permits, employment rights, and a myriad of complex legal obligations. If you are struggling with legal challenges, Register Now or Login if you already have an account and get paired up with a legal professional from our law directory.

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An Abuja based Legal Practitioner with 8 years of Experience.

A. A. Yaakugh and Co.
Offers Free Consultation
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An Abuja based Legal Practitioner with 13 years of experience.

Ifesemen & Associates
Offers Free Consultation
Ifesemen & Associates is located in the heart of the Abuja metropolis. The firm specializes in real estate and general legal practice. … Read More >>
berthram okoji.jpg

A Lagos based Legal Practitioner with 15 years of experience.

Offers Free Consultation
A seasoned legal practitioner with a bias for litigation and a strong desire to ensure justice is served … Read More >>
Adeyinka Jacob.jpg

An Abuja based Legal Practitioner with 17 years of experience.

Offers Free Consultation
We pride ourselves on our sector strengths which cover diverse areas of Legal Practice and especially Business Law. … Read More >>

An Abuja based Legal Practitioner with 12 years of experience.

Everlaw Associates
Offers Free Consultation
Marx, is the Founder of Everlaw Associates, a full service commercial law firm with offices in Abuja and Lagos, Nigeria. He was a 2018 recipient of the ESQ Nigerian Legal awards 40 under 40 award for young lawyers shaping the legal profession. He advices both local and for… Read More >>
ikemefuna onyeka.jpeg

An Abuja based Legal Practitioner with 13 years of experience.

Offers Free Consultation
Ikemefuna Onyeka is a private Legal Practitioner with focus on achieving timely intervention on behalf of his clients, working all the way and in partnership with them to achieve their desired goals as I strongly believe that my clients’ success in ultimately. I plac… Read More >>
Kayode Ajulo.jpeg

An Abuja based Legal Practitioner with 19 years of experience.

Castle of Law
Offers Free Consultation
He received bachelor’s degree in Law (LL.B. (Hons.)) at the University of Jos in Nigeria in 1999. In 2001, he was called to the Nigerian Bar having attended the Nigerian Law School, Abuja, Nigeria between 1999–2000, He also obtained his Master of Laws degree (LL.M.) … Read More >>
ireoluwa oguntuase.jpeg

An Lagos State based Legal Practitioner with 9 years of experience.

Elvira Salleras and Associate
Offers Free Consultation
As a lawyer, I am poised to offering quality legal services in my areas of specialization to interested clients subject to the rules of professional conduct. … Read More >>
olawale amoussa.jpg

An Abuja based Legal Practitioner with 10 years of experience.

Excelsior Legal Consult
Offers Free Consultation
I am a Legal Professional who embodies the core values of Integrity, Professionalism & Excellence … Read More >>
shirly atane.png

An Ekiti State based Legal Practitioner with 13 years of experience.

Ekiti State, Ministry of Justice
Offers Free Consultation
I’m an advocate for the promotion and protection of the rights of women, Children and the vulnerable. … Read More >>

An Lagos State based Legal Practitioner with over 56 years of experience.

Co-dunni law Firm
Offers Free Consultation
We are a top Law firm in Lagos, Nigeria with serving Lawyers in Lagos. We pride Ourselves in providing sophisticated Legal Services to Our Clients be them Individual, Corporate, International or Local. We believe that that challenges should be embrace when it comes to lega… Read More >>

An New York based Legal Practitioner with over 10 years of experience.

Get Out of business debt without filing for insolvency. call to learn about fast business debt settlement with a merchant cash advance! … Read More >>
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