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Guidance Notes: Using Zoom For Remote Court Proceedings By Marx Ikongbeh

Do you know how much internet data it costs you to join a remote court hearing?

As more Courts in Nigeria resort to Zoom Video Communications for remote hearings, some teething problems persist. While Zoom may not be the best in the long run, its use is justified in the short term until dedicated remote court infrastructure is built.

Many point at its perceived security vulnerabilities, but Nigeria Courts seem to have picked it ahead of rivals Teams, Skype etc. The attached Guidance Notes have been prepared by Everlaw Associates to help court officials, Judges and lawyers optimize the use of Zoom for court work.

The Notes balance the issue of public trials against cyber security issues. It looks at administrative and logistical issues such as average internet data consumption for a Zoom hearing.

It considers practical in-session control settings that would help the court to maintain order, while avoiding breach of fair hearing. The team also drafted a Code of Conduct for Participants in a Zoom Court Session that would be useful for counsel and parties joining the session.

We hope this Guidance Notes will help Courts to maximize the use of Zoom while preparing for the #remotecourts of the future.


Marx Ikongbeh MCIArb is an Abuja based legal practitioner and he is the principal of Everlaw Associates.

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