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How Gunmen Dressed Like Nigerian Security Agents Abducted My Husband, Woman Cries Out

Imoleayo Michael Adeyeun Still held Captive

On 13th of November, 2020 at about 2:30 am, Titilayo Adeyeun, her husband, Imoleayo and other members of the family were in their sleep when armed and uniformed security operatives, in commodore-style, stormed their residence at Bassa Community, behind Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport in Abuja, in what was apparently a joint operation of security agencies, and whisked her husband,   Imoleayo   Michael   Adeyeun   away   to   an   unknown destination   and   have   since   kept   him   incommunicado   till   this moment. Titilayo’s narration of what happened on that fateful day and ungodly hour is as follows:

1. They   were   all   sleeping   when   they   heard   heavy   footsteps behind their  window   as   they   woke   up   wondering  whether they were being attacked by armed robbers.

2. Imoleayo   immediately took a whistle and  blew   it  with  the aim  of   attracting   the   attention  of  neighbors,  but  then  the men outside tore open our window net, stuck a gun in and warned  them not  to make  any noise  as  they were outnumbered. These men then asked Imoleayo to open the door for them to come inside their house or they would be forced to start shooting. They asked why they were  being harassed at this ungodly hour of the night and these men informed   them   that   they   only   came   around   to   ask   a   few questions and promised that no harm would come to them.

3. The response by these men, of the assurance that no harm would come to them, prompted them to open the door for the   men.   Immediately   the   door   was   opened  for   the   men, they   were   instantly   surrounded   by   these   men   who   were numbered about  twenty (20) and  they  were  armed to  the teeth.   Also accompanying these armed  men  were  two   (2) unarmed and ununiformed men, who spoke with Titilayo and her husband.

4. When   these   men   gained   entrance   into   their   home,   they asked Imoleayo for his phone which he gave to them. They refused   to   respond   to   Titilayo’s   enquiries   as   to   why   they were there, in fact at a point, one of the men, used his gun to direct her into a room and locked her up inside. After awhile of staying locked up, she forcefully opened the door to the room and went to the sitting room, she noticed that her husband was already getting dressed to go out with these men. These men also took Imoleayo’s laptop while promising to bring him back soon.

5. Titilayo tried to follow these men as they left with her husband, even after realising that they had parked far away from our client’s residence, but they threatened to shoot her if  she  did  not  go  back  to   her  residence,  she  then   had   no option but to retreat as she was scared for her life also.

6. Imoleayo’s phone number was tracked to somewhere in the Central Business District, Abuja, and it is believed that he is being held by the DSS.

7. Titilayo believes that this operation was carried out by more than one security or law enforcement agency, including the Nigerian army.

8. Titilayo also believes that her husband’s abduction may not be unconnected with his constant tweets in support of the #EndSARS protests.

9. This incident has caused Titilayo and her 7 month old baby a lot of psychological and emotional trauma whose one year old marriage is barely a year old.   This whole episode also happened in the presence of the aged mother of  Titilayo who also lives with them.

10. It is quite unfortunate and it actually smirks of undemocratic posturing for state actors to arrest a citizen in such a gestapo manner and keep him in hiding for such along period, without as much as informing his next-of-kin of the reasons for his arrest and where he is being held.

11. Titilayo   worries   that   this   case   may,   like   some   other cases of  clandestine  abduction and enforced disappearance, be swept under the  carpet.

She is therefore calling on the National Human Rights Commission to conduct an inspection of DSS and Police detention facilities to find out where Imoleayo is being held.

Emmanuel Bagudu
Author: Emmanuel Bagudu

Abuja based award-winning multimedia journalist

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