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Human Right: “Good Health Is A Fundamental Right Of All Humans,” Says Christian Aid-UK

 …. Spends 2.9 Million Pounds in 4 years Across Africa.…. Canvass UHC

International Non-governmental organisation, Christian Aid-UK, has called on all African governments that have pledge commitment to the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) to live by their words. This they said will help mitigate the rising cases of morality as well as poverty.

Christian Aid’s Head of Africa Division Karimi Kinoti disclosed this in zoom webinar marking the end of its Ellis-Hadwin Health Legacy Project. According to Kinoti, adhering to the terms of the UHC will not just enhance the health system in Africa, but will be a means of protecting the rights of citizens as well.

“Health is a Fundamental Right of every human being, regardless of their gender socio-economic status, or their age, sadly it is not the case across the continent of Africa….access to good, quality health care….is generally in the preserve of the privileged few, who either have medical cover, or liquid cash to pay for the services.” Kinoti said.

No fewer than four countries comprising of Burundi, Kenya, South Sudan and Sierra Leone benefited from the Ellis-Hadwin 2.9 million pounds Health Legacy project. The project which took place from 2016 to 2020, built strong partnerships through community driven intervention that inform the needs, priorities of target communities using participatory, vulnerability and capacity assessment tools.

Kinoti added that having money and medical cover is not even a guarantee for good health. According to her health care delivery should not just be available in quantity but in quality as well.

“Medical cover, liquid cash is not a bottomless pit, if a person is not well for example having a chronic illness, quality health is a huge financial burden for many households especially the poor households where decisions has to be made on a daily basis and continually on what the available money should be used for; school, food, hospital etcetera” She said.

“Affordable health care models are far from being standard practice, so it is the question of quality, there is also the question of affordability” She added.

She also questioned the promised made by African government’s twenty years ago to key into the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) which he said has been treated with levity.

In her words; “Our African governments have made commitments towards universal health coverage in 2001, which is 20 years ago, to allocate at least 15% of their annual budget to financing the health sector, if that pledge actually became reality on the ground, where will the health sector on Africa. But this remain a pipe dream, the Covid 19 pandemic have demonstrated how important for all countries to have strong health systems….”

Emmanuel Bagudu
Author: Emmanuel Bagudu

Abuja based award-winning multimedia journalist

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