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I’m Not Caesar’s Wife – Abubakar Sani Esq.

Mr. CCT Chair, what were you thinking?

That public display of insanity;

Has earned you unwanted attention;

And unprecedented public censure

But, it might yet get worse;

As your professional colleagues

Have invoked the disciplinary remit

Of your umbrella association

With potentially devastating consequences

On your public and professional career

This is one fight you just have to win

As, otherwise, it will be all over

Once again, Chair, what were you thinking?

Didn’t you realise that your status

Demanded that you be seen to be above board?

How could you have blown it so catastrophically?

A supposed exemplar of best behaviour

Descending so low as to resort to fisticuffs

Against a lowly parking attendant

A mere security guard

It simply went beyond the pale

What we call, in law, infra dignitatem

As a result, the hunter has now become the prey

With potentially huge – unquantifiable – collateral damage

In terms of public perception

Of both your office

And professional calling

Something you (and we) can ill-afford

Against that backdrop

I bet you wish that you could recall

Your meltdown in that car lot

That might, however, be asking for too much

Short, that is

Of mollifying your victim

Apologize to him

By whatever means

For the physical

And emotional

Trauma and distress

A truly fine mess

Not least of which

Was calling him a ‘Biafran’

Whilst he is, reportedly, a Northerner –

From, precisely, the Plateau hills

But, will that be enough

To call off the hounds

Who are baying for his blood?

It is surely out of his hands now

Or is it? Don’t bet on it . . .

Afterall, he can still pull off a trick –

A rabbit out of his judicial hat

Or something close to that

So, don’t write him off

After all, this is Nigeria –

Anything is famously possible in these parts

Notwithstanding the odds

A place where pigs sometimes fly

And, justice is seldom blind –

Even though it is always meant to be

And many live on the lunatic fringe

Therefore, while it may be fashionable

To demonize Mr. Code of Conduct

In truth, he is but the latest example

Of the best – and worst – of us

Who, typically, has no qualms about using

His or her position, status or power

Against the less-privileged and the down-trodden

Is justice really the last hope of the common man –

In a place where the strong routinely

Harass and oppress the weak

And get away with it –

An entrenched culture of impunity

It was the CCT Chair a week or so ago

A year before that, it was Senator Abbo

(Curiously, in the same venue –

A shopping plaza in Wuse 2)

Who will be next

Is any one’s guess

You can bet, however, that

It will not be the last

Abubakar D. Sani, Esq.

10th April, 2021

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