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Lex Community NG – Happy Holiday Greetings To You In Light Of COVID-19

In 2020 all of us are grieving in one or more ways. Some have “primary losses” – a loved one died, a business failed, a wage-earner was furloughed or laid off, a home burned in the conflict or farms abandoned in herders-farmers conflicts, etc. We are aware that grieving people require particular sensitivity.

Even those without primary losses, though, are dealing with grief in the following ways;

  • The inability to gather with family and friends
  • Loss of security and safety
  • Changes in role as they learn to work remotely and/or become in-home tutors to kids who are schooling remotely
  • Estranged relationships over issues like politics or religion
  • Shattering of plans and dreams for the graduations, weddings, vacations and cruises, festivals, and now having to let go of many long-standing holiday traditions that can’t happen this year)

As I’m sure you can imagine, this list could go on for pages.

So, throughout this season, and as we move into a new (and hopefully better) year, we wish you moments of peace amid the difficulties, connections with family and friends even if they can’t be in person, the warmth of memories from holidays past, and wonderful glimpses of the joy that still lives under the surface.

Most of all do not forget to observe all safe COVID-19 prevention protocols so we can have a healthy 2021.

This for us is the way to tell you how much you mean to us. (Spoiler: It’s a lot.)

All the best,

Lex Community
Author: Lex Community

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