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New Procedure To Register A Company Under Part C Of The CAMA, LFN 2004

The Corporate Affairs Commission brought to the notice of its esteemed Customers that as from Wednesday 8th July, 2020, applications for Name Reservation under Part ‘C’ (Incorporated Trustees) of the Companies and Allied Matters Act, LFN 2004 must undergo the process of obtaining the Registrar-General’s consent.

The notice however stated that names that have already been approved and are still valid will be allowed to run the registration process subject to satisfaction of all other requirements relevant to justify issuance of Certificate of Registration.

After obtaining the RG’s Consent and getting the approval for the name proposed Company to be registered, follow the steps enumerated below.

Registration steps for registraion of Incorporated Trustee

  1. Write an application to the RG for consent to register the proposed name. Pay Five thousand Naira (#5,000) through Remita under RG’s Consent. Print four (4) copies of the receipt of payment for RG’s consent. Attach a copy of the payment receipt to the application letter as well as the valid ID cards, phone numbers of the proposed trustees, aims of the IT/NGO to your application. Submit and wait for approval or denial. If the consent is given, move to step 2. If it is denied, repeat step 1.
  2. Check for availability of proposed Incorporated Trustee nameand Reserve a new Name  Complete pre-registration form – CAC-IT01 (Online using Company Registration Portal)
  3. Pay filing fee  Check the Fees here
  4. Publication of notices in three (3) national dailies, one being a local newspaper widely circulated in the area where the organization is based.
  5. Prepare the signed scan copy of your pre-registration documents for upload as follows:
  • A formal letter of application
  • The original newspaper publications
  • A copy of Applicant’s constitution
  • Minutes of the meeting whereat the trustees were appointed, having the list of members present and absent and showing the voting pattern, signed by Chairman and Secretary of the Board
  • Minutes of the meeting where the special clause rules were adopted into the constitution of the organization; signed by Secretary and Chairman
  • Trustees (Applicants) have to attach 2 passport sized photographs of themselves
  • Trustees have to sign against their names on the application form and furnish permanent residential addresses
  • The impression of the common seal should be affixed on the form and
  • Filing fee payment receipt
  • A copy of the application form
  • Application form duly signed by Secretary and Chairman of the Board
  1. Upload the scanned documents for processing. (click here)
  2. Submit the original copies of the documents uploaded at step 6 to the CAC office you had selected in exchange for your certificate and the Certified True copies of the documents.

Culled from the Corporate Affairs Commission

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