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Nigerians React To VAT Collection By State

Mixed reactions of Nigerians have trailed the Value Added Tax (VAT) controversy as governor Wike and Sanwo-Olu champions the agitation for fiscal federalism for states in the country.

Kingsley moghalu said The Federal High Court ruling on VAT is the correct one, though we can expect litigation all the way to the Supreme Court. It strikes a strong blow at THE LAZY FEDERAL GOVERNMENT whose head once called our youth “lazy”. Nigeria has long been a fiscally failed state. It’s weird that “unfair” has become mainstream politics because Rivers and Lagos started collecting VAT.

Gege said The imposition of theocracy funded by alcohol consumers wasn’t unfair?
Confiscating 87% of the Niger Delta’s wealth wasn’t unfair?
Nigeria is like the Nedu paternity drama.

Mark Essien wrote on twitter that VAT collection by states is one the biggest game changers for Nigeria. It means that states wi start competing to have VAT paying companies headquartered there. They will be forced to create an attractive environment for businesses.

Reno Omokri said More than 60% of the VAT from Lagos is taken from Lagos and given to states like Kano and others. Nigeria’s current federalism is a parasitic relationship. Yet, they reject the Southern Open Grazing ban? You reject alcohol, but want to impose killer herdsmen on

Maybeks said Governor Wike has leaked a document by FIRS seeking to amend the constitution and have VAT added to the Exclusive list knowing the Fed Govt would lose the case in court. No doubt, the existence of the Exclusive list is why Nigeria will not work. We must restructure by force. 

FS Yusuf said VAT collection by States (Fiscal Federalism) which is a form of Restructuring, is a progressive initiative. Any governor or group discouraging it doesn’t mean well for Nigeria. Start marking them.

Adewale AdetonaI said love what Governor Wike has started. This VAT issue is long over due. Let every state generate their own revenue and stop leeching on others. You can’t work in LAPO MFB and expect salary from UBA. This might be the perfect beginning to State autonomy in Nigeria.

Chiamaka Judith Alum
Author: Chiamaka Judith Alum

Good Governance and Human Right Advocate, Content Editor and Data Analyst

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