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Press Release – CEPASDAfrica Commend Youth Around The World

Today CEPASDAfrica as a youth organization recognises the contributions of millions young people Around the World to celebrate international youth day

CEPASDAfrica work to harness the latent potential of largest demographic block in the world in the area of Peace Building, Violent Extremism Prevention, GBV, leadership and SDGs

We are building resilient and impact driven youth with the mindset of creating a better & peaceful society

It is time to reflect on various contributions young people have made around the world and the challenge they are facing in making the world a better place

Young people have the tenacity, zeal, passion & creativity to make the world a better place…

Therefore we urge our local, national and global leaders to have the political will which allows young people to be in the decision making table & create enable environment for youth to thrive with creativity and innovations

The Theme for 2020 is Youth Engagement For Global Action

This theme remind us that the Engagement of young people in the system can never be overemphasized, knowing the contributions young people can bring to the decision making table

As part of our activity to mark international youth day, we are convening Global Youth Engagement Summit with special feature titled Youth Engagement Challenge

The challenge enables young people around the world to make a two minutes video explaining how Youth Engagement for Global Action can help create a better society

We strongly believe that young people have what it takes to make the world a better therefore their innovative idea is indebted

Our organization began Global Youth Movement Against GBV to take global action in their various communities in raising their voices and report issues of SGBV and GBV to the nearest authority in the community, As of today the movement have over 350 youth Ambassador in over 20 countries around the world raising their voices against GBV


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