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Reactions Over A Lady Who Raped A Man In Port Harcourt Hotel, Cart Away His Handset & Money

A yet-to-be identified matured woman allegedly abuse a man sexually in Portharcourt before carting away stealing his valuables.

It was gathered that the said woman sexually abuse the man and cart away his handset and money after she used a mysterious substance on him in the Rivers state capital.

The incident was disclosed in a statement by an non-governmental organisation, Centre for Basic Rights Protection And Accountability Campaign.The organization stated that the man who hail from Akwa Ibom said an unknown woman used mysterious substance to lure him to a hotel in Portharcourt, from where he was selling, sexually assaulted him, left him unconscious and stole his money and handsets.

CBRPAC said in a social media post:

“In an interview, with Centre for Basic Rights Protection And Accountability Campaign the man who hail from Akwa/Ibom said an unknown Woman Used Mysterious Substance To Lure Him To A Hotel In PortHarcourt, from where he was selling, Sexually Assaulted Him, Left Him Unconscious, Stole His Money And Handsets

He said he was woken up by the room attendant of the hotel after expiration of the money the lady paid.

Abacha Road Divisional Police headquarters, GRA phase 2, PortHarcourt where the matter was reported drove him back to his home when he regained consciousness.


“Not recognized by law say woman rape u or molest u… Oga u are on ur own oo…it’s very difficult for me to believe this oo.. How sure are we that this guy did not consented to what happened. Its possible that he took the girl to am hotel and it back fired. Majority of the ashawo out there have bachelors in stealing and robbery in addition to their hustle. . Some even have advance degree in assassination” – Diamond

lets be real, how difficult is it for a woman to lure a man to a hotel , really?!?!?! she just need to say,:”hey, lets go and fukc!” and most brothas will foolishly be following this criminal to the hotel room, like a donkey on a carrot.as for how she stole his shiiit, it could be something she put in his drink, something she blew in his face and/or simply something she put on her nipples and when he went to suck on them, he got drugged.

dats rape drug at work!y’all should educate yourselves on the SCOPOLAMINE drug…. by the time they get you, you will even give them your bank card pin code etc, and wake up 2 days later remembering absolutely nothing.- Brown Jay

This will gain no much attention, rather a lot of people will ignore it, because it’s a woman against man If it’s a Man trying to Rape a Girl now, you will be seeing Hashtags everywhere- Super black

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Chiamaka Judith Alum
Author: Chiamaka Judith Alum

Good Governance and Human Right Advocate, Content Editor and Data Analyst

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