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Call For Article And Contribution

Rule of Law Development Foundation (ROLDF) hereby notifies its resource persons, delegates and past Conferees that it proposes to publish a Newsletter exclusively on Rule of Law related issueswhether arising from Constitutional Law, day-to-day events, Criminal Law and Practice, Social equilibrium, Nigerian economy etc. with Nigeria/Africa as its main focus. The Newsletter will carry in all editions sound and well-reasoned editorial, dealing with or touching upon, topical articles of national prominence currently occupying the public domain. In addition, the proposed newsletter will contain news items, titbits, case notes, advertisement at a fee from stake holders and commercial entities, Foreign Criminal Justice news, prison notes and issues, developments in ACJA and other related issues etc.


  • Articles and other contribution should not exceed 1200 words except where special dispensation has been sought from management and granted.
  • Articles and contributions must be insightful, persuasive, original and constructive with evidence-based analysis.
  • Articles and contributions must be relevant and cover current and future Rule of Law/Criminal Justice issues facing the country.
  • Ideas must be clearly communicated in a style that can be understood.
  • Electronic copy of the article or contribution should be submitted to ROLDF designated email address.
  • Articles published elsewhere or those under consideration will not be accepted.
  • To submit your article or contribution, send an email to [email protected]
  • All views expressed in submitted article or contribution are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Rule of Law Development Foundation (ROLDF).
  • Articles and Contributions must be submitted on or before Monday, 7thMarch 2020.


Augusta Yaakugh Esq.

Program/Legal Officer

Rule of Law Development Foundation

Lex Community
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