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Senior Advocate Of Nigeria, Dele Adesina Urges Lawyers To Stay Productive During Isolation Period

As Nigeria is faced with the fight against the spread of the corona virus (Covid-19) which has crippled activities and businesses nationwide, the legal profession is not left out. The courts have shut down temporarily, some law offices have shut down their physical addresses and taken up the option of working remotely (thanks to technological innovations), while others that cannot afford to shut down completely devised methods to shuffle work days for employees. Regardless, this pandemic has forced most law offices to embrace new realities which may affect the productivity of their employees.

A concerned Senior Advocate of Nigeria has penned thoughtful and encouraging words to legal practitioners all over Nigeria to keep their minds and bodies active during this period of isolation.

The statement is quoted below:

Dear Colleagues,

I recognize that as lawyers, we live a very busy life. Our time and attention are usually divided between reading, drafting, court appearances, client meetings and research work to mention a few all aimed at servicing the needs of our Clients.

Our Profession is a jealous Profession which possesses us absolutely day and night. Consequently, a sedentary lifestyle and self – isolation at home may be alien to some of us. Though staying home to stay safe has become a task that must be done, we can still be productive while observing these safety measures by investing the time we have at home rather than spending it.

We can invest the time by drafting those outstanding briefs and pleadings, vetting of documents, reading our law reports, researching into specific areas of legal interest and of course audio and video calls and conferencing with clients to render both curative and preventive legal advice and opinions.

Recognising that health is wealth, exercising the body is also of paramount interest. We must remain active so as to prevent weight gain and strengthen our immune system as this will make us less susceptible to infections including that of the Corona Virus.

We must continue to take the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the virus and flatten the curve. It is my confident belief that the earth will reject Corona virus in all its entirety because the earth is given by God to the children of men. Surely the end of the virus is coming soon. Our expectations shall not be cut-off.

I urge you to stay alive as we will all rise from this challenge stronger, healthier and with a determined mind to continue to serve the interest of our clients, our nation and justice in general.

My warm greetings to you and your family.
Thank you.

Dele Adesina SAN


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