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Dr.Hauwa was so courteous that she called to inform me that she wanted me to be the Secretary of the just concluded 2021 Branch Law Week Committee which she gladly witnessed and participated in, barely 14 days before her demise. 

My human self was ready for a vehement “ NO” because I had opted out of the 2020 Branch Election as Secretray to  improve on “me” and tick off some to-dos on my 2020 list, as such the human in me thought it would be a distraction.  However and thankfully, I was gagged by my God, the author and perfecter of our faith, oniduro mi(my guardian), my shepherd , the Holy Spirit from saying the “NO”.

I listened as Dr. Hauwa chimed out why she chose me, her confidence melted crumbs of resistance remaining in me and her  zeal to have a world-class 2021 Law Week waxed on me the mirrored zeal to deliver, not just on the Law Week, but on this trust. Her seeming words “Uche, I know you can do this and that is why I chose you” clinched to my heart, built the desired joy for the service and off I voyaged to serve my beloved branch.

Dr. Hauwa’s characteristics did not need her physical presence to be felt, her life was one that even in her absence, you will feel her presence. She posites her essence as indelible footprints and that is why her absence(demise)remains voluptously and volumtiously visible.

I am neither the closest to her nor have I known her for so many years but the very few years of closeness to her, exposed her beautiful self as well as her dexterity to deliver on any good thing she taxes herself or accepts to do. I learnt from her to go for the best hands not best allies to get things done. Like a mother hen, she walked the workto see that young lawyers were included and cartered for in her administration. She assidiously worked to see to the unity of branch members and the branch itself. 

To Dr. Hauwa’s creator, the Almighty God, You remain faithful and just even though you permitted Dr. Hauwa to steal away from us to be with you. I am comforted that she dwells in a happier place. 

Adieu Dr. Hauwa Shekarau. You are forever in our hearts. 

Amauche Onyedum, Esq

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