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The Illusion  Of Independence – Soji

Today Is the Anniversary of the illusion of an independence from colonialism.
It marks the day the British became shadow directors in the corporation they named NIGERIA.
It’s been 61 years, they still dictate from the shadows.

It would have been possible to challenge the status quo but there’s no light to see the unfine prints to know the real status, so we throw tantrums, like stones when we all live in the same glass house.

The blame game continues! I have blamed Britain, you’ll blame the north and government and of course Baba today blames Baba before.

What can we do and what we should do are parallels we do not realize. But this is INCONTROVERTIBLE; NIGERIA IS ONE AND WILL ONLY SURVIVE AS ONE. For what binds us is greater than what separates us. Therefore, let us, lay aside our grudges and malice, and ethnicity and tribalism and religion and embrace our Nationality!
Let us build the nation before we share the ration

1st October, 2021

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