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What Is The Value Of The Nigerian Bar Association To The Legal Profession? I Want To Know- Okutepa SAN

A respected and seasoned lawyer, Mr J.S. Okutepa SAN has decried the state of the nation and the inactions of the Nigerian Bar Association.

In a statement made available to Lex Community NG, the learned senior advocate stated as follows;

”The motto of the Association is promoting the rule of law. Is NBA really as an association promoting the rule of law or destroying the rule of law?

The newly amended CAMA seems to have made lawyers to lose many job opportunities. Where was NBA when that law was being amended?

Currently the Supreme Court has only 12 Justices and their lordships are overwhelming with work, what has NBA done to make the power that be fund the judiciary adequately for quick dispensation of justice and appoint more Justices to that court, instead of watching recommendations for appointments gathering dusts in executive archives.

What has been the utilitarian value of NBA to majority of lawyers at the annual rituals called conferences of NBA? Year in year out humongous amount of money are budgeted and spent on these near no value conferences and yet Nigerian lawyers who have been cheated by their own association cannot do anything.

Many lawyers are sick and need financial help from their own association, what has NBA done for them. I am forced to ask, what is the value of NBA to the vast majority of Nigerian lawyers and the legal profession.

The legal profession and legal education is almost loosing its core values in Nigerian society, what is NBA doing to restore these core values. NBA used to bark and bite before. But today it has lost it barking and bitting power. Again I ask what is the value of NBA to the legal profession. Many archaic and anachronistic legal road blocks have been set on the road to justice in Nigeria by some decisions of our courts.

What has NBA done to see that judgments rooted in anachronistic principles that give no justice to our people are done away with or departed from in the overall interest of the society and the legal profession. I ask again what is the value of NBA to the legal profession and vast majority of the members of the Bar.”

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